Welcome to whereever this is.

This is the homepage of a cigar-loving, whisky drinking, motorbike driving and photo- and camera loving individual which is, to make things even worse, in professional lifea program and project manager. As I am not sure, what I am willing to release to the world regarding my person, my life and my history, this page is not packed with personal details, embarassing pictures or hilarious jokes.

I apologize for bad expectation management.

This page might be filled gradually - let it be pictures from where I travelled to, books that I currently read (and recommend or condemn) or links and news regarding (attention all puritans) SMOKING and CIGARS.

Have a joyful, relishing and happy life - I do not know who said it but:

We should fill our years with life - not our life with years!

So what is with this day?

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